When your partner has a brain tumour…

Jane in 2008

This website is the story of Jane who lived with an Astrocytoma brain tumour between 2005 – 2011. As Jane’s wife, I supported her, cared for her, nursed her and held her when she died. This is blog is my story of Jane.

I had always been writing a personal weblog so when Jane first got ill, I just wrote about it on my own website.  As time went on and Jane became more and more ill, people started calling me to ask how Jane was doing. It was quite a burden to keep everyone informed. So in order to make my life easier, I created this website. I wrote about how things were going, how Jane was doing and how I was feeling.

Jane Daniel

Jane in Rome

After Jane’s death, I took all the posts on my personal website that were related to Jane and her illness and added them to this website. And so here it is: A full 6 years of my journey with Jane and her brain tumour. The blog covers the whole spectrum of emotions: Fear, joy, hope, anger, guilt, sadness, desperation. Most of all I hope that those who read it will find something useful in it.

Maybe you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Maybe you care for someone with a brain tumour and you need to feel you are not alone with some of the things you feel. Or perhaps you work in health care and you want to know what it is like to be a patient and a carer.

Jane and I in 2008


I hope you find whatever it is you need.

Jane agreed with me publishing this.

For more about Jane and all her achievements, see the page About Jane.

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