05th Jun2005

See you later

by Dutchcloggie

Human pyramid

JD had a fabulous party yesterday. Almost all her friends came to a BBQ we organised. The weather was great and there was lots of fun, alcohol and volleyball. It is nice to know JD has so many friends who care about her. My folks had come from The Netherlands to be there as well which made me happy. People brought their own personal message for JD that I put in a big Friends-book for her to read when she is feeling down after the surgery.

I am about to take JD to the hospital and then tomorrow, hopefully, she will have the tumour removed and we can start putting this whole mess behind us. I actually think the hardest bit is yet to come. Up till now, JD has had no symptoms at all so as far as we are concerned, nothing has really changed. After the surgery, her head will have a scar, her head will hurt, her face will be bruised and treatment (perhaps radiation, perhaps chemo) will start. So in fact for JD, it will be worse AFTER the surgery that is supposed to heal her, than it is before it. Weird.

We are both scared but I am very confident that things will go OK. We have been lucky so far: if she had not hit her head during the rugby game, back in January, she would never have had the MRI and CT scans that showed the tumour. She has been treated with respect and care by the NHS staff. Everything has gone really well and fast. I have nothing but praised for the NHS so far. Let’s hope it stays like that.

There will probably not be much posting here for a few days. Just leave me your positive thoughts, either here or in your mind. We will need them.

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