14th Nov2008

Use it for something good

by Dutchcloggie

Today I did a naughty thing. Our boiler broke down last night. No shower, no hot water, no washing machine & no washing up. With JD at home all day with her head hurting, I really don’t want to be without hot water too long.

I rang the letting agency and said: I have a sick person at home so I would appreciate a fast solution. She sent someone around right away and he said he needed to contact the landlord to get permission to fix the circuit board in the boiler.

So of course this took ages to solve as landlords are always very reluctant to spend money. In the end, I got so pissed off that I rang the letting agency again and said: look, I have someone with a brain tumour at home, in bed. She needs to stay warm and comfortable, OK. I am not having any of this delay.

Poor lady of the letting agency was shocked, apologised many times and said she would chase up the landlord to get him to solve it as soon as possible. Bless her. She rang back real soon to explain it was not going to happen today but if JD was cold, we could borrow some of the office portable radiators? That was really nice of her. I politely declined as JD is not (yet) that cold.

Now I kind of feel bad that I ‘used’ JD’s tumour to get my boiler fixed faster. Even though every word I said to the lady was true, it does feel wrong somehow. But then again, I might as well use the f*cking thing to get a little bit of help, right?

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