13th Jan2009

Radiotherapy update

by Dutchcloggie

A post by JD

Radiotherapy has been progressing nicely. I had Friday off as the machine was broken (eeek) so I will have another appointment at the end of the six weeks. No side effects yet apart from a headache (which if I have to be honest isn’t that bad at the moment). No hair loss yet but apparently that starts after the second week so we’ll see…

The fainting is continuing but I have an appointment to see the nurse specialist about it. I have had head-rush experiences when I stand up with shaking down my left hand side. When I have the shaking I can’t grip and will drop whatever i’m holding in my left hand. The nurse suggested it might be something to do with the steroids (everything has something to do with steroids it seems) and maybe my levels can be reviewed as I feel that I’m taking rather a lot. Again, we’ll see…

I am also in the process of sending my driving licence back to the DVLA. With all the fainting and lack of grip I don’t think it is a good idea to be charging up and down the motorway in my condition – and neither do the doctor and nurse. Dutchcloggie has an arrangement with work so that she can take me to treatment and back, which is very nice indeed. Anyone else have experience with the DVLA?

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