24th Sep2010

A matter of months…

by Dutchcloggie

Today the Neuro-oncology Clinical Nurse gave me more details on what the last scan showed and it was bad. Grown from right frontal lobe into left frontal lobe, into midbrain, into brainstem and cerebellum. She once again confirmed that it will be a matter of a few months before JD will die.

She also asked if JD was still given chemotherapy treatment because maybe the discomfort she gets from that is just not worth it. Obviously the doctors are trying to do all they can but there is no cure and no chance of living much longer. So why go through the hassle of taking pills and feeling sick for 10 days in a row when there is very little point to it?

This is of course not my decision to make but JD does not seem able to take this this all in and decide about it.

It breaks my heart knowing that her personality is still intact (I know this because the laughs at jokes & at herself sometimes) but that she is fast losing the ability to communicate & walk.

4 Responses to “A matter of months…”

  • >Is there any such concept as power of attorney? Are you recognised as Jane's next of kin?

  • >Oh yeah. We sorted next of kin by getting married. We have wills and living wills (advance directives). The PoA forms are going through the courts at the moment. The chemotherapy is only 10 days of pills that caus3 mild discomfort and sickness so she might as well keep taking them I guess even if they are a bit pointless. I just wish it could be HER choice, not mine.

  • Nancy

    >Ik vind dit zo heel erg en ik denk aan jou en aan Jane.Nancy

  • >{{BIG HUGS}} to you guys, so sorry to read this post Marieke 🙁 If there is anything I can do just shout.Your BT BuddyNatalya

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