07th Dec2010

And so it goes on…

by Dutchcloggie

>It seems that the chemotherapy is really working at the moment. Every day JD is better and doing things she was unable to do before. Functions she lost are coming back. It is amazing to watch. The latest thing was that I sat in the living room and suddenly the door opened. JD had gotten out of bed for her afternoon nap, dressed herself and said: I just came to see where you were. I nearly burst in to tears with joy.

It is hard to avoid telling JD every time she does something she couldn’t do only days ago. But there you have it.

I don’t believe the chemo will cure her. I certainly believe things are going much better now and, like with the previous batch of chemotherapy, the first few months are certainly positive. We have been told in no uncertain terms that the treatment is palliative but that the chemo can still shrink the tumour. It seems to me that is exactly what is happening at the moment. Which means we have been given a lot more time. How much time I don’t know.

The next scan in February will be a really interesting one. I can not wait to se what it will show. What has caused this sudden, massive improvement? The improvements have been as dramatic as the initial deterioration a few months ago.

In a strange way, I somehow feel rather sheepish now about telling people JD was virtually at death’s door a few months ago. She was, according to the nurses, the hospice doctor and the oncology specialist nurse. Only the oncologist himself refused to be drawn on it. Maybe in the end he was right.

Anyway, I am extremely happy with how things are going as JD and I are able to go out and do things together.

Only one problem: she is now aware of her limitations and is refusing to accept them. God for her but she has said she wants to go skiing…

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  • >So, if you can, take her into the snow fields, strap skis on her (or the equivlent) and walk along beside her.Or both of you get into a sledge and go down a gentle slope.Will cost you maybe … but only money.

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