03rd Apr2011

In hospital

by Dutchcloggie

On Friday, JD suffered a seizure around 6pm. This was a different thing than her “normal” small seizures. When she is on high doses of steroids, as she is now, she sometimes has short absences of about 20 seconds where her eyes roll and she just goes all slack. When it is finished, she is straight back to normal.

On Friday however, she experienced a ‘proper’ seizure with groaning, mouth foaming and the like. I called the ambulance and they arrived within 4 minutes. Amazing. Friendly ladies took JD to The hospital where she had to wait 4 hours before being seen by a doctor. Unfortunately two patients had died in the A&E so things were a bit busy.

They admitted JD, who had 2 more seizures whilst waiting. She ended up in EAU, the Emergency Assessment Unit. This is where patients come from A&E when they need to be observed for a few hours, before being moved on to a proper ward in the hospital. It is an awfully noisy place with people running around all the time. I stayed with JD until 3.30am and then went home for some sleep.

In the meantime, my parents, who had arrived for a short visit from Holland only hours before it all kicked off, had gone back to their hotel as they had waited for me back at home when JD was whisked away to hospital. When I came home, I found that my mother had used her time well. She had done all the ironing and cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. Yay for people who understand how much that sort of thing helps me.

I had a few hours kip and then went back to hospital. JD was ok but a bit confused. The doctors and nurses are having trouble making a proper assessment of JD as she does not always respond to their questions. So when she does not lift her legs as requested, they write down she is looking paralysed. But she isn’t. She just does not understand the question. Because 5 minutes later she might respond if you ask the same question again. Or they ask if she has a headache, she might not respond or say no. But I know that she has more or less permanent headaches.

So I make it my business to be around as much as possible, to make sure JD gets the care she needs.

They are keeping JD in the hospital until they can organise carers to help me with JD at home.

I will write a post later about the consequences of all this. Am going for a quick nap before going back to hospital.

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