04th Apr2011

Coming home

by Dutchcloggie

JD is hopefully coming home tomorrow. Today I spoke to the community care team and they said JD will have carers coming in 4 times per day to help with getting washed & dressed. I look forward to having her home. The Neuro Oncology Nurse said that the way things are at the moment, she expects JD to be with us for a couple of months or so. I look forward to having her home.

She is currently sleeping a lot and has frequent spells of absence. These can last for a few seconds or minutes. There is no physical sign when they happen but she will just stop responding for a while and just stares into the distance. There have not been any more full-on seizures and she is on different anti-seizure meds to avoid further episodes. This morning she had a good laugh about a story her mother was telling her. It is nice to know she still understands everything you are saying. It is just that sometimes she doesn’t seem able to respond or process exactly what she is asked to do.

The other night, I cried for an hour until my muscles ached. Last night I put off going to bed because I am afraid of how lonely and empty it is. I can not imagine how much hell it will be in the future. I am glad JD is coming home. It is lonely without her.

If you want to visit JD, drop me a line and we can sort it out.

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