06th Apr2011

Hurrah for the NHS

by Dutchcloggie

The NHS gets a lot of bad press (mostly from the Daily Mail) but I think they are awesome. JD is now home and comfy. There are carers 4 times a day. Once per day, the nurse visits. JD was discharged from hospital with all her medication for a month, bags full of syringes and dressings and a detailed chart written out for me with all her medication. There is an emergency nurse available 24/7 and if I want some time away, the Hospice at Home team will come and sit with JD for a few hours. All relevant people have all the details and all of it was organised in 24 hours.

I am a bit scared about the first night alone with her. I think I will struggle to sleep and will be checking her breathing every minute or so. The nurse did say the nights would be the hardest.

The carers will be here an hour each time, 4 times a day and I have decided to use the afternoon hour to take up running. It is a good way of getting some exercise because apparently my arse has become rather large. Secondly it gives me some time away from home without feeling I am leaving JD alone for no reason. Hopefully I can get some regular running going and get a bit fitter again. And thinner.

JD seems to be quite comfortable and not in too much pain. She had a right laugh when watching Top Gear this afternoon and is now sleeping again I think.

We can do this.

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  • azaadstra

    >Nights are definitely the worst & the time when all the insecurities seem to seep out. But you are right you can do it – because you have to, because you want to and because you need to.

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