01st May2011

Having a wee

by Dutchcloggie

JD eats or drinks very little these days, as discussed in my previous post. Obviously this means she also does not need to toilet very much. Nothing going in, nothing going out. However, not having a wee for 16 hours is not healthy, no matter how little you drink.

So after this happening 3 days in a row, I got worried and discussed it with the District Nurse. It was costing me my night’s sleep as I was checking to see if there was a wee already, just about every 2 hours.

It was decided to use a catheter to drain the bladder and then leave it in for a few days. It seems that every time JD is having twitches and small seizures, her bladder goes in to spasm and doesn’t empty properly. This means she never has an empty bladder and that in turn can lead to infection.

So with the catheter inserted, the bladder was drained and now we can keep an eye on how much goes in and how much goes out. Once we have a good idea of how much output there is every day, we might try to take the catheter out again and monitor how things are. After all, these things are annoying and can be quite painful.

But it is yet another step backwards.

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  • >Yes, another step not in the direction you might wish. How much does pain and discoomfort register, though? It does for you, but for Jane?Dad was assessed as High Care today. We slashed his meds back to just 5 from a list which spread over two monitor screens. He goes back to the nursing home tomorrow. Then we have to word up a Care Management Plan.He ate an entire block of plain chocolate as he was being assessed.

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