28th May2011

Waiting game

by Dutchcloggie

JD is no longer opening her eyes. Don’t know if she is asleep all the time or unconscious. This is the cruelest of waiting games.

I have lived in the hospice for more than a week now, unable to go home at night, just in case something happens. And of course, nothing happens. I put the folding bed next to JD every night. In the morning, I go home for a quick shower and breakfast. I am concerned the hospice staff will by now think I am weird and in their way. They say they don’t of course.

I have a sneaking suspicion JD will die as soon as I go away. Maybe I should leave for a night. That might encourage her to let go.

One Response to “Waiting game”

  • >Firstly, you are not wierd, and you are not in their way. And yes, the wait is interminable. My guess is she has entered coma. I sat beside him, and talked and sang, and slept. It was only the final night that I stayed all night – with my computer. Other than that, I went 3 times a day for 2 hours each time. I got a sign 15 minutes from death. His breathing pattern changed. Old people tend to die when the circadian rhythms are at the low point (5am/5pm). This may not apply to young people.(( M ))

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