25th Jun2011

Never again…

by Dutchcloggie

… you calling me “liefie”

… calling my lover “Liefie” without thinking that is really your word

… Crowded House in the car

… 2 croissants and a soft boiled egg on a Sunday

… baking bread and eating cheese and F1 Sundays

Never again…

… flying kites on the beach

… the Doc Martin box set

… fencing on Thursday

… “How was Uni today?”

Never again…

… staying in bed all day watching TV

… camping and bitching about the rain and cold nights

… to Holland

… “You look beautiful today”

… on a snow trip

Suddenly I have to learn to like doing the things we did together on my own. But I never watched F1 before we met. I never went on snow trips. I never went camping. I never flew a kite, because you taught me on that trip to Vlieland. I never sang harmonies in the car with my wife.

So not only have I lost you, I also lost so many of the things I learned to love. I loved them because I did them with you.

Even if I ever do any of that again, I will never be able to enjoy them as much as I did with you. Because I will always think of you when I do them. And then I will remember why I am not doing them with you anymore.

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