30th Jun2011

Our favourite adventure

by Dutchcloggie

I wanted to play this at Jane’s funeral but in the end, I put the lyrics in the Order of Service. It really is the most beautiful love song; cheerful, funny and full of optimism. We went to see K’s Choice in London last year. They were wonderful and Jane absolutely loved it.

There you are
Your beauty consoles me
I’ve gone far
And I almost didn’t find you
And I almost lived without you
There is nothing in this world
I’d rather do
Than live in you

Here we go,
Our favorite adventure
You should know
I was never more complete
And I never thought I’d see
The meaning of my life
Wrapped in you
Next to me

If you ever fear
Someday we might lose this
Come back here
To this moment that will last
And time can go so fast
When everything’s exactly
Where it’s at
Its very best

K’s Choice – Favorite Adventure

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