27th Jul2011

Learn to fly: Nice song for a funeral

by Dutchcloggie

Whilst going through Jane’s stuff, I found a pile of compilation CDs she put together years ago. They have rather imaginative titles: “Jane’s 80s shite”, “Marieke’s crap music”, “Happy car cd” and “Jane’s driving music”. However, the best one is surely one I found this week, entitled “Jane’s horny little cd”.

Horny as in sexual? Or horny as in really good?

Let’s listen to some of it.

Janis Ian’s “Ride me like a wave”

Beautiful South’s “Don’t marry her, fuck me”

Nine Inch Nails’ “I want to fuck you like an animal”

Hmmm…. I think I get the point. Mind you, the rest is a lot less explicit with stuff from Crowded House and The Cowboy Junkies. Songs that contain not a hint of hornyness. My guess is she started out putting together a cd with naughty songs she liked but then found there weren’t that many so other stuff she just really liked made up the rest of the album. And it is really good, actually.

However, I made an interesting discovery. On ALL bar one of the CDs I found, the tracklist included “Learn to fly” by tye Foo Fighters. So I am guessing that when she put those CDs together, that was her favourite song. It sits a little uncomfortably with acoustic stuff like Janis Ian, Cowboy Junkies and Crowded House but that was Jane’s eclectic music taste.

Anyway, I wish I had found those CDs before the funeral. Then I would have played it at the end of the funeral service. Because it was clearly a favourite. And frankly, the look on people’s faces would have been worth it.

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