14th Aug2011

Helping the Hospice

by Dutchcloggie

Text BEAN83 £5 to 70070 Grieving is tedious. It has been a little more than 2 months since Jane died and it is getting harder every day. The first few weeks I was numb. Now I am beginning to feel again and what I am feeling is not fun.

It is extremely cruel that someone as smart as Jane found her ability to think and study affected by a brain tumour. Because of its location in the brain, it mainly affected her memory, personality, ability to process information and give feedback on things she was asked. Still, between her diagnosis in 2005 and her death, aged 27, in 2011, Jane got herself a BSc, an MSc and nearly a PhD from Warwick University.

I get huge comfort from doing things that are related to Jane. Be it writing a blog about her or looking through pictures. I want to use this in a positive way. So I am raising money for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

The Cynthia Spencer Hospice cared for Jane twice. In October 2010, whilst I moved us into a new flat that enabled Jane to stay at home until the end, the Hospice looked after Jane and sorted out symptom control. After she came home, we had 7 wonderful months together in which we made a few final trips. 
Then, when the end was close, Jane returned to Cynthia Spencer Hospice for her final 10 days. The staff are fantastic and made me feel so much better in the circumstances.

I have decided to back to university next year so that I can become a palliative care nurse and make sure others get the same fantastic care when they need it most.

You don’t have to do something so drastic. You can just give money!
The Cynthia Spencer Hospice is NHS-funded but they need additional money from charity to pay for extra nurses and other things the NHS does not pay for.
I am hoping to do a number of things to raise money for the hospice. Every penny helps so even if you just donate your small change to this, it would be brilliant.

Please visit my fundraising page at http://justgiving.com/Bouncybean.

Alternatively, get your mobile phone and text BEAN83 £5 to 70070 to donate £5. You can obviously change the amount to anything up to £10. To donate more than £10, or if you are donating from abroad, go to the JustGiving page.

2 Responses to “Helping the Hospice”

  • Nancy

    Dear Marieke,

    I was one of Jane’s Resident Tutors while she was in the Sixth Form at Malvern Girls’ College. I only found out about her cancer and death yesterday, and was directed to your blog. I am so shocked to hear about Jane’s death, and am very sad to hear about how much she suffered through her long illness. I am glad, however, that she had your love, support and help through it all.

    I only worked at MGC for two years and Jane was in her final year of school in my first year. I remember that she used to visit the Poulton House office regularly and that we had many light-hearted chats and several deep discussions — particularly about her academic ambitions. I was not, therefore, surprised to read that she was working towards a PhD in recent years. She was known as a bright girl with much promise at school. Something that I will always associate with Jane is that she lent me her copy of Edwin Abbott Abbott’s _Flatland_ which she was interested from a mathematical point of view but which I was interested in from a literary and gender studies perspective (my areas of academic interest). I remember that we had a long discussion about the text after I’d read it.

    I saw Jane again briefly at a Gambia reunion in Malvern which I think must have been in 2004, although it may have been in 2005, in which case I now understand that she would already have been suffering from her tumour. I didn’t get to speak much with her on this occasion as it was a seated lunch and I had to dash away afterwards. I wish that I’d had the chance to catch up properly. She was an intelligent young woman with a real hunger for knowledge, and to make a difference in the world.

    with deepest sympathy,

  • Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the very kind message. Jane’s death has left an immense hole in my life and I feel a needto fill it by doing things Jane would approve of. So I am trying to raise money for the hospice and make sure her memory lives on. I am hoping to introduce some kind of academic prize in Jane’s name at MGC, to encourage the girls acedemically as well as on the spors pitch.

    Jane loved her time at Malvern and some of the friends she made there are still a great source of comfort & friendship to me now.

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