25th Aug2011

Trip away part 3: Where I meet some lovely people

by Dutchcloggie

My surfing trip has turned in to a trip down memory lane, visiting the places we went together.

This morning, I visited Port Isaac, ┬áthe fishing village where they film the ITV show ‘Doc Martin’. In 2007, when we were camping in Tintagel, I told Jane to get in the car and navigate us to Port Isaac on a very rainy day. We were bored, sitting in our tent and so at around 4pm, I decided it was time for action and we got in the car. I did not tell her where we were heading and she was genuinely delighted to be in “Portwenn”.

We had a quick look around, spotted Doc Martin’s cottage and had dinner in a very nice restaurant.

Today I went back and had some lunch in the same place. After 20 minutes, a nice couple asked if they could sit at my table as it was very busy and raining very hard outside. I was ok with that as I was having a whole table just for me and my book (and a beautiful bowl of Port Isaac crab Bisque) The woman said they were on a trip down memory lane and I said I was as well. She asked why so I told them about Jane. She had tears in her eyes when I said what I was doing in town and how yesterday in St Ives was so incredibly hard.

She and her husband were extremely sweet and asked all kinds of questions. Instead of the British reserve, they were genuinely interested and caring. And also, they did not just listen, they actually engaged in a conversation, sharing some of their life and sadness about certain things. Then, when I left, they told me they were sure I will be ok in the future. Because I have a positive attitude, kindness of heart and a lot of love to give, judging by the way I spoke about Jane. The kindness of strangers can sometimes make your day.

After that, I drove to Tintagel. By now, I noticed I had become slightly obsessed with making sure I visited every place Jane & I had been to. I don’t want to turn that in to a habit but it seemed logical for now since I don’t think I’ll be in Cornwall again any time soon.

I walked around the village and made my way to Tintagel Castle. In the distance I spotted the parish church where Jane and I had sat for a few minutes, years back.it meant a long walk up the cliff. My feet were in absolute agony. I guess climbing cliff tops is not a good idea when both your Achilles tendons are sprained but hey, what’s a bit of physical pain in comparison! I said out loud to myself that I should not be so lazy and just walk up the cliff.

And so I made my way to the little church, remembering every detail from 4 years ago. Amazing how things come back, picture perfect. In the church, I lit a candle for Jane. Not in a religious way. Just happened that I used a church candle. I don’t believe in God and neither did Jane. But lighting a candle has to do with memories and not with religion. So I lit her candle, cried a few silent tears and left again. Dragged myself back in to town. On the way back to the car, I walked onto the campsite where we had camped. Just to see the spot where our tent had been. A family had pitched their tent in our spot. It’s not our spot anymore.

Before getting in the car, a quick glance through the window at the table in the pub where we had a JD & Coke.

Then I got in the car and drove back to Perranporth. It was a nice day. Nowhere near as emotional as St Ives the day before.

I am still not sure why I am doing this. It most certainly wasn’t the plan when I decided to go to Cornwall to go surfing. I feel another blog post coming.

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