27th Aug2011

Jane’s holiday in Cornwall 2007

by Dutchcloggie

A few times, when we went away on holiday, we kept a holiday diary. Since I revisited Cornwall last week, I thought I would share some bits of the holiday I had with Jane. Here are some of Jane’s diary entries. (For some reason the pictures are showing up in low-res. Click on the if you want to see a better version)

23 July 2007
Our new purchase is a windbreak but unfortunately the wind is choosing to come at us from many different directions. It is an improvement as we are able to cook things a little quicker now (especially on our new Camping Stove – we are able to attempt two-pot dishes – but don’t tell the environmentalists).

It is now raining. Fucking shite weather crappy holiday. So we are eating in the car. I prefer the car to the tent for eating. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the nice dining chairs and obscene number of cupholders that Landrover have thoughtfully provided?

Rain continued to come down all night. I slept OK but as the airbed is basically a mini bouncy castle, we disturbed each other every time we moved.

24 July 2007
Lovely day today. M made me bacon and egg sandwiches and we decided to trundle off to St Ives. We wandered around. Dangles our toes in the water of the harbour beach and walked up to the greeny bit at the headland and flew our kite. M enjoyed the spectators and we were both showing off a bit by doing various combinations and photographing each other.

After lunchtime, we bought icecream. We were both pleased to have accidentally picked the shop operated by grannies and we felt good that our money wasn’t going to some fat middle aged man in a sports car. Maybe the grannies had Bentleys or something.

We decided to make the most of the good weather and go body boarding back at base. We were really glad we did. Both of us had a great time on our kiddie boards. I seem to have adopted the sunny one and M has taken a shine to the dolphin one. We played for a few hours in the surf.

26 July 2007
OMG! Another morning with torrential rain. This is definitely the rainiest holiday I have ever been on. We had breakfast in the car, henceforth known as The Ark. After much cajoling, M convinced me in a lull in the rain to take the tent down and have a shower. I was getting used to being rancid.

The outer tent was stuffed in a bin bag (oh how we take care of our new possessions) and we drove to Tintagel in more torrential rain. Who knew there was even that mucy rain in the world?

Disaster struck when putting up the new tent as a gust of wind caught the tent mid-erection and shattered one of the poles. Duck tape sorted it out. As I write this, huge gusts of wind are rocking the tent but, cross fingers, there have been no cracks or other ominous sounds.

I never knew M was so house, or rather ‘tent proud’. We now have a door mat which was, in a formerr life, a Beauty Spots of Cornwall tea towel. I’m not sure what that means about our impressions of Cornwall or the success of our holiday thus far.

M made dinner and was then let off the leash and wet to play with the kite. After a while, I went to find her but managed to step in every cowpat on the way it seemed. We tried to help some German kids with their kite but IMO my pillowcase would have flown better but hey-ho.

27 July 2007
Weather was nice so we decided to walk the Tintagel Circular Walk. Or rather,I thought it would be nice and M agreed. The walk was allegedly 3 miles but we made it longer with a few unscheduled departures from the route. Note that doesn’t mean ‘lost’, just an inappropriate turning. M was kind enough to donate £1 (plus Gift aid) to the church on the cliff. I don’t know what came over her. We didn’t actually visit the castle due to the £4.50 entrance fee that we didn’t have so we settled for icecream instead and went to the gift shop.

Jane at the parish church in Tintagel

I agreed to cycle to Boscastle in the afternoon and the lady in the shop told us the ride was ‘flat-ish’. We set off and eventually made it to Boscastle after lots of pit stops on my part and lots of waiting on M’s.

We wandered around town, had a quick cup of tea and then set off home, up the CHUFFING GREAT HILL.  I walked up it in the end. M said I made a ‘valiant effort’ and that was nice, coming from Miss Tour de France. The rest of the time was spent reading and sleeping soundly.

28 July 2007
We spent a long time in the visitor’s centre as I read everything there was to read about Tintagel, the castle and Arthur, King of the Britons.  M was busy oggling cycle maps with nice plastic rain covers. One day we will be on a proper cycling holiday. Scary. I’m happy with it as long as it is FLAT. like this: ——- Not like this: ^^^^^^^  A picture says a thousand words.

M took me on a surprise trip to Port Isaac where Doc Martin was filmed but we were unable to get a shot of Fern Cottage as the batteries in the camera were dead. It was chucking it down with rain and we found ourselves in a seafood restaurant/bar where we stayed for coffee and dinner. I beat M at cards although she will deny it. We had Red Something-or-other (not Red Snapper). Very nice but not amazing. And a whole £52 squids! (Did you get the seafood reference?)

There was much fog on the way back and I felt let down because there isn’t a switch in The Ark to adjust headlight angle!

29 July 2007
Overall the holiday was good. Better weather would have improved things but the company was great and that held things together nicely.


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