10th Sep2011

An unexpected note

by Dutchcloggie

Today I gave a pile of books away. Lesbian trashy stuff that the hospice charity shop would probably not sell.

As I piled them in to a bag for my friend, I thought I might keep a few back to read again. They are rubbish little romance books so I figured they might help me go to sleep. So I kept a random few of them back to read again, eventhough I had not looked at them for years.

This evening I picked one up to read before going to sleep. A story of a young woman who meets an older woman who has lost her partner to cancer and against the odds, they fall in love, blah blah blah. Mills & Boon for lesbians.

After about 20 minutes I turned the page and found this hidden in the book. A picture and a note from Jane: “I love you. Missing you lots. Jane Xxxx” Clearly left there for me when were were apart for a night due to work or University.

It had been sitting there for at least 5 years and I nearly gave the book away. A book about someone who finds love after loss. Some would say it is a sign. I say it is coincidence. Either way, my heart gave a little (actually quite a big one) lurch when I turned the page and suddenly saw her face.

I love you. Missing you lots. Marieke Xxxx

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