09th Jun2012

Well that was cool

by Dutchcloggie

Last Saturday was awesome. The gig I put on to mark the first anniversary of Jane’s death raised almost £400 for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

There were a lot of nice people. And there was a lot of nice music. 

Who was there I hear you ask? Well, there was Corinne Lucy:

Corinne Lucy

She played some lovely tunes of her own making and a couple of covers. If you haven’t yet, you should check out her YouTube Page which has a whole load of lovely videos.

Life of Pie

Then there was Life of Pie. Well, 2/3 of Life of Pie as their pianist was unfortunately unwell. The boys performed admirably and played a bunch of covers that got people humming along. They also played a nice version of Crowded House’s Fall at your Feet. They did not know this song was played at Jane’s funeral service so that was a nice touch.

And to finish off the night, there was the lovely King’s Gambit. They played stomping folk music. You should check them out on their website.

It was a nice evening. My parents and my sister had come over from Holland especially. Jane’s mother and sister were there too. And a whole bunch of our friends. And some friends of mine who never knew Jane but came to support me. Afterwards, the musicians all said: we doing this again next year? And you know what? I might just do that.